The Young Innovative Company status

This status is reserved for SMEs under the age of eight, with certain conditions concerning the detention of capital. They must spend at least 15% of their expenditures on R & D.

Main fiscal measures:

  • Relief from income tax or corporation tax of 100% over the first three years or beneficiaries tax periods and 50% for the two following beneficiaries years or tax periods.
  • Exemption from social charges for researchers, technicians, managers of R & D, legal experts of industrial protection, etc.
  • Exemption from local taxes (subject to the approval of local authorities concerned). The YIC status allows an SME who qualifies to receive a total exemption from property tax on buildings and business tax.

The obtainment of this statute poses difficulties for the calculation of the company’s actual spending in R & D. To free yourself from this obstacle, and be sure to get what you rightfully deserve, let us manage your Young Innovative Company status, whether for an initial application or a renewal.

Contact: Mr. Nessim Thomas GHROUM - Innovation Financing Consultant